Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin: This one Debate Camp...

Sarah Palin is at "debate camp". Please tell me this is a joke. Could this get any sadder? Apparently Cruella DePalin left the campaign in what aides are calling "debate camp" in order to prepare for the vice presidential debate. So where is she? In grandpa's McCain's ranch in Arizona. She spent last week being programmed by advisors in a hotel in Philedelphia...that was not enough. There is alot of memorize ya know?

According to CNN:

"The adviser said preparing her for the debate was "really hard" because the Alaska governor was learning about issues she had never dealt with before -- including those regarding North Korea and other hot spots around the globe."

Really hard?

I am still bewildered that Palin "stuck to her guns" so-to-speak in the interview with Katie Couric and defended the whole "Alaska is right next to Russia" crap.

Let us not forget that is was only earlier this year that Palin was confused about "what exactly a VP does."