Monday, August 11, 2008

Mercedes Nichols...Put the pens away.

You may remember Mercedes Nichols from the 13 1/2 minutes of fame she earned earlier this year. She was among four other teenage girls who beat up cheerleader Victoria Lindsay and videotaped it.
17-year-old Nichols was in court again today, but this time she is accused of violating a restraining order that her ex-boyfriend filed on Valentines Day.

What kind of guy files a restraining order against his high school sweetheart on Valentines Day?

One that was stabbed several times with a pen! (allegedly...)

The judge set her bond at $81,500.
Three counts of misdemeanor battery
One count of misdemeanor stalking
Two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
One count of aggravated stalking (All are third-degree felonies)

source: Local6