Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs Michelle Obama

I gave up on the view along time ago...but Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues to grind on my nerves. On September 4th she hosted the very down-to-earth "Women for McCain Victory 2008" "luncheon" in what the New York Times described as a "ballroom full of Republican Women". You know...the kind of luncheon that starts off with "strawberry soup."
Anyway...the always snotty Hasselback made a comment about Michelle Obama (but referred to her as the wife of a political candidate) insinuating that she had something to hide and had a list of "topics" that were off limits during Michelle's appearance on The View.

Mrs McCain...(not to be confused with CAROL MCCAIN) and John McCain will be apparently open to any questions thrown at them when they appear on "The View" on September 12th.

I hope Joy or Whoopie (or whats-her-face) takes the opportunity to ask some serious questions. I think they should invite Rosie back just for the occasion...then ...just then...may I actually be tempted to watch the view.

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