Friday, August 8, 2008

The Anthonys: The Media is Not Your Enemy

"It is like saying here take a bite...just don't ask what's in it."

Since news broke that little Caylee Marie Anthony has been missing (for only God knows how long) I have been following the story.

In the first few days my first impressions of Cindy Anthony were that she was distraught over finding out her granddaughter was missing and that she probably knows (way more than we do) about her daughter's 'involvement' in the case. By that, I was thinking...maybe the daughter, (Casey) was into drugs and Cindy did not want to incriminate her or something? Casey was telling some crazy invisible-babysitter story and lied about where she worked and claimed she was conducting her "own investigation". But hey that's what lawyers are for right? Once she gets an attorney, we'll probably have some details.

So now it is like three weeks later? Casey is still in jail on charges of child neglect and lying to the police. As we have come to learn through the publicized 911 calls...Grandma Cindy said the car smells like "there's been a dead body in there."

Grandma Cindy has been on TV just about every single day. Begging for OUR help in finding little Caylee. First I cried along with her and I have come to look at every toddler I come across differently. I know this is the case with many people. WE are all aware, thanks to the media's scrutiny on the case and the attention that Grandma Cindy Anthony has brought to us, reminding us that Caylee is still missing.

As the weeks go by Cindy Anthony seems to become more aggressive towards the reporters who are helping by asking for more information. Is Casey helping? Casey has a major court and even when speaking to her mother from jail.

Today Grandpa Georgy Anthony freaked out at the media, who were as usual, on his property. He lashed out at them shouting “You people have no idea what we are going through. You don’t care about me. You don’t care about her. You don’t care about my granddaughter. You want sensationalism. Shut up! I’m talking. I’m talking!”

Do they (Cindy and George) realize that we (people following the story) are not your enemies? I can't imagine the pain of having a child "go missing", but this story is full of holes.

I do understand that the media can take facts and get those facts wrong, start rumors...but the Anthony's have the floor, they have the opportunity to talk. Clear the air, whatever you need to do.

As for Casey, I lost hope that she will ever help with the investigation.

The media is getting the word out- "but it is like saying here take a bite...just don't ask what's in it."

What do you think? Do you agree?

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