Monday, September 7, 2009

Mom and son hide in grandma's wall because divorce sucks

"Shannon Wilfong was found hiding in a crawl space with her six-year-old son Richard Chekevdia in September 2009. Wilfong and her son disappeared in November 2007, during a custody dispute with the boy's father Michael Chekevdia. Although Wilfong alleged that her son was molested by his father, child-welfare found no evidence of wrong-doing and awarded Mr. Chekevdia with temporary custody. Wilfong defied the court's order and fled to the home of her mother, Diane Dobbs, in Illinois, where she was found hiding 2-years later. Both Wilfong and her mother have been charged."

Despite the hype, Mom and son only hid in the crawlspace when the cops came around. I saw the grandma on GMA and I feel for her. She allowed her daughter and grandson to stay at her house because they feared the father, who was apparently a cop, and probably had a good attorney. Justice fail.

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