Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bimbo Heidi Montag's plastic face & 'Superficial' album

Reality show bimbo and pop-star wanna-be Heidi Montag admitted to being obsessed with plastic surgery in a People magazine interview the day before her rediculous album "Superficial" was released. At least she is sticking to a theme. Her 'album' (which she expects to rake in $2 million within the first week) features original auto-tune classics like "I'll Do It", with lyrics like:

"I'll be your blonde tonight, if that's what you like, Stiletto's n' fishnets, if that's what you like, Pick me, take me, off up into ya dungeon, I brought some treats, I know that you gon' love em, Come eat my panties off of me, Do whatever you feel comes naturally."

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