Sunday, August 16, 2009

Michael Vick on 60 Minutes...Blames society, himself, finds God, now loves animals

In a Chris Brown-ish attempt at a comeback, Vick explains how he was "disgusted" at what he "let happened to those animals," how he found God, and says "football don't even matter."

I cringed watching this interview because he's so full of sh*t. OH and the Humane Society is 'supporting' him because he "made a mistake" and "had a problem." Vick then went on to whine about society, then said he blames himself.

Ok, a mistake is clipping your dog's nail to short and they yelp. This was not a 'mistake.' Society? Really? Plenty of kids grew up 'hard' but they don't all go around abusing animals. He said "disgusted" numerous times in this interview and that's exactly the feeling I have after watching it.

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