Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Snedekers? The Cambells? The family in "A Haunting in Connecticut"

Interesting background on the 'true' story.

The movie "A Haunting in Connecticut" is based on the Snedeker family, of Southington, Connecticut. In the 2009 movie, the family's name has been changed to the Campbell's. -

The Snedeker's lived in the house at 208 Meriden Avenue in Southington, Connecticut. At first, Carmen Snedeker was thrilled, the rent was low, the house was spacious, it was just what the family needed. As the story goes,
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after the Snedeker's moved in they learned the house was once used as a mortuary. Mortician equipment and tools were still in the basement, but hidden behind building and construction materials.


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