Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teen blogs about being homeless

I have been following the blog of a very bright, articulate, talented and spirited 16-year-old girl who writes under the name "blinky st. james," her real name is Katy Hughes, and she and her mother became homeless before Christmas 2008. Katy and her mom Elizabeth were evicted from their apartment and have been struggling to get on their feet ever since. Katy blogs about sleeping in their old car (the starter is now shot) and going from worrying whether they will sleep in a motel.

A few days ago, the local news station in California reported that a landlord offered Katy and her mom a reduced rent apartment. The landlord reportedly worked with 'low-income families'...
As it turns out--this great reduction in rent...was $800 a month for 2 bedrooms!

So in a sad turn of events, Katie and her mom will not be moving after all.

Katy's blog should be a reminder to everyone that 'homelessness' does not just effect 'drunks,' 'junkies,' or all the other stereotypes. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it could really be anyone of us, our neighbors, relatives or friends who find themselves on the 'street.' Katy's blog should be an eyeopener ---however she did receive a bombardment of questions about her situation, to which she respectfully answered. She has come under harsh judgment.

Anyway--here is Katy's blog : Anywhere But Here