Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you hear me now? Obama's Sectera Edge

Change= General Dynamics Sectera Edge

So here's the dealio. Obama gets to keep his beloved BlackBerry, but he can only use it to tell Michelle he's late for dinner. For all business purposes, Obama will get a highly secure General Dynamics "Sectera Edge."

Compare the General Dynamics Sectera Edge to the Blackerry

Assuming Obama has a BlackBerry 8700, (that's just what I heard) it weighs about 4.7. oz. Obama's new Sectera Edge has been described as "clunky," its nearly 2x the weight at 12 oz.

Both the old blackberry and the new Sectera Edge have the qwerty pad--making texting easy.

Sectera Edge Specs
*Removable / Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
*Appx. standby time: 35 hours
*Appx. talk time 3 hours
*Appx. secure talk time 2 hours
*Unclassified- USB, Classified- USB, Serial
*Uses Windows, WordPad editor, views images w/ Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF Widows Media Player
*Internet explorer web browser
*Global roaming over GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi* wireless networks

The BlackBerry 8700 Specs
*GSM 850/ GSM 900/ GSM 1800 ? GSM 1900
*Appx. talk time 4 hours max.
*Appx standby time 384 hours max.
*Battery: 1100 mAh Li-Ion removable

You can read more about the Sectera Edge at the official site of General Dynamics, they have a bunch of PDF files with info

To read more about Obama's attachment to his beloved BerryBerry, be sure to check out Mahalo's page on the story.