Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One of the Jesus Twins Dead? Eric Liebowitz?

The Jesus Twins are an underground music act that has been on the "Howard Stern Show" several times. The duo is made up of brothers Eric Liebowitz and Jeffrey Liebowitz.

Their music often features spoken word and is often very "deep" lyrically, hitting on the topics of God, depression, war and politics.
According to their Myspace page, in 2008 the pair was working on a new reality show called "Oh Jesus, Twins".
In 2002, the Jesus Twins recorded "This Moment", a song about California's 3 strikes law. I checked it out...apparently the song was a benefit recording for the California Political Action Committee. The song has sound bites of a news report regarding the 3 strike law.

On August 6,2008, Howard 100 News reported that one of the Jesus Twins was killed after a run in with law enforcement. It was reported that the twin was shot. I believe it was Eric Leibowitz?

Here is are some snippets from their MySpace Bio:
"The Jesus Twins demonstrate a poignant artistic expression that incorporates spoken word excerpts from venerable spiritual teachers. In 2002, they join the California political action committee, CAVC and write and produce “This Moment”, a benefit recording to Amend California's "3 Strikes" Law. The song gets radio airplay and gives national attention to the draconian life-sentences being handed out to non-violent offenders."

"In 2003, The Jesus Twins lend their support to the anti-war movement by redoing the theme song from the movie “Grease” and changing it to “Peace”. The anthem combines the musical theme from the classic movie paired with the profound spoken word of Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon and a several of today's most prominent anti-war advocates. The official name of the song is Peace is the Word and is made available to the public for free. Thousands download the song. In 2008, The Jesus Twins focus on their reality show, Oh Jesus, Twins. Fans who have seen a version of the pilot call it the "real" reality show, a look into the two lives that no one can understand or believe - but one that you won't be able to look away from either."

The Jesus Twins "Feel My Ubiquity"

Click to hear the Jesus Twins on Howard Stern

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The Jesus Twins song was never released as a single from the Private Parts album.